Cathy Pilone


Vice President/Administrator of Mental Health Services at Christian Health Care Center in Wyckoff, NJ. She has held various administrative positions in nursing and mental health for several multi-system non-profit organizations and has maintained a strong personal commitment to eliminating the stigma associated with mental illness.

Wendy Coffey


Wendy has worked with at-risk youth and families throughout her career. She is currently a family therapist treating a wide range of mental-health issues. She is concerned with the stigma attached to mental health as it affects young people. She is committed to changing community perception of mental health in order to aid people in getting the help that they need.

Nancy Drabik


Nancy is a retired educator and administrator with more than 45 years of experience with children and young adults. For four decades, she has actively volunteered in many capacities within the Township of Wyckoff, including serving as mayor and as a member of the township committee. For the past five years she has been closely involved with Care Plus NJ, whose mission is to decrease the stigma of mental illness and pave the way to accessibility of care for those seeking help.

Carol Hertenstein


Carol Hertenstein, RN, is currently working as the Utilization Review Nurse Director for Christian Health Care Center in Wyckoff, NJ with over 45 years experience working in Pediatrics, Infection control, and Mental Health. For the past five years she has been an active member of the Wyckoff Board of Health, currently serving as President.

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